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My early forays into caricature consisted of pencil-sketched footy players for Glow Zone’s footy Odd Bodz that I subsequently inked with an exaggerated scribbly style of linework. That evolved into a digitally coloured/hand inked hybrid until one day I came up with Dame Edna. That in turn developed into the wholly digital style that‘s predominantly on show on this site and is one I’m now comfortable with. The joy of caricature for me is the the ability to express one’s opinion on society’s notables without fear of repercussion. Whether they be
Tragics, Pop Divas or representatives of Pop Culture. It's a very subjective thing that allows me to portray some of my most loved (and hated) personalities from Music, History, the Arts or TV. Hopefully the likenesses are adequate enough for people to identify with and relate to. In this section are amongst others, Amy Winehouse, Tim Burton, Lady Gaga, Bjork, Thom Yorke, Picasso, Freud, Lily Allen, M.J., George Lucas, Trump, E, Warhol, and Edgar Allen Poe. Take the challenge and see if you can spot'em as well as the remaining higher-profile types.