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Graphic Design is essentially my profession but Illustration is my passion. I have been lucky enough to carry the overactive imagination that stopped me sleeping at nights as a kid into adulthood (although many contend I'm still very much a big kid!) Working with licensed characters, most notably Disney and Warner Bros. enabled me to persist in behaving like a kid but now that golden era/height of commercialism has ended I find the opportunities to continue drawing cartoons and animated characters persist. I'm living the dream.
Most of my work is cartoon/animated related but that's just the way it's evolved. I started a BSc. course at Melbourne Uni where the only thing I really enjoyed was illustrating dissections and floral structures in my Biology Prac. book. I look back now and wonder what was I doing but it did serve me well considering I specialize in anthropomorphism (look it up). I'm capable of illustrating in a variety of styles utilising a multitude of media in either digital or traditional formats, influenced by and in awe of a wide variety of artists. It's definitely a case of "horses for courses."