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Always been fairly creative and “good with my hands” so much so that the Coomb’s Toyshop where I worked as a kid got me repairing model trains and slot cars as well as assembling bicycles! Maybe that stood me in good stead because I can now turn my hand to pretty much anything. Coming up with a concept from a brief, visualising it on paper or screen, turning it around so you can get the idea what it will look from all angles, taking those turnarounds and shaping it in plaster to get an even better idea of the finished product? Not a problem - I can do that.
If you then want packaging designed to make it stand out at retail, a brochure or flyer produced to maximise your sales; I’m pretty handy at that too! The best part is it’s all good fun, kinda like having a hobby as your occupation. I’m not scared of a challenge either. Refer to the 3D model cards and the Pooh Bear foam puzzles if you doubt me then try and get your head around the problems associated in interlocking two dimensional pieces to get a convincing facsimile of a three dimensional character. Then get it approved by one of the world’s largest licensing corporations! Welcome to my world.