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After dabbling with a BSc. @ Melbourne University Nick radically changed tack and emerged in 1983 with a Diploma of Graphic Art from RMIT. He immediately took up a junior position cartooning run-down hamburger joints, nightclub vamps and klutzy husbands @ Bryant & May Advertising. By 1985 he had attained Studio Manager status responsible for the largest output of artwork in Australia but fearing burnout he fled to his birthplace. Here he honed his design and illustrative skills as a visualiser for various agencies around London. 18 months later back in Australia he found himself with a bulging portfolio, empty wallet and no gainful employment. He soon however established a design studio within a video production company; juggling technical illustration, brochure design, set design and remarkably painting a 400 sq ft. mural for Cummins Diesel which resulted in temporary eye strain.
Fate intervened, he recovered his 20/20 vision, married his soul mate and formed Crackerjack Design Studio which specialised in the area of licensed character merchandise. As equal partner he was able to enjoy over 10 years increasing his skills for a rapidly growing and diversified client base with the bonus of becoming father to three remarkable kids. In 2002 he took a Tree Change and went solo giving him the opportunity to indulge his passion for the whimsical and wondrous by creating characters, developing product concepts, writing and illustrating children's books, drawing caricatures, sculpting and generally creating mayhem under the banner of 'Nicky Woop!' His speciality is finding original, creative solutions to any design problem out of the maelstrom that is his vivid imagination. So, if you like what you see and think you may have been barking up the wrong tree for your design and illustration needs, discover what Nicky Woop! can do for you.