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I graduated out of RMIT long ago. My first job I started as a ‘paste-up’ artist and spent half my time bunkered in a dark room hunched over a bromide camera about the size of a volkswagen beetle; the rest of my time was spent playing tennis on the company courts or enjoying long lunches in the pub opposite with my eccentric ex-agency art director. Glad to say I’ve moved on a bit since then and picked up a few design tricks along the way. Over my 20+ years doing this stuff I have designed everything from a new style of bulldog clip to a vehicle composed of tins, superballs and magnets!
I cut my teeth overseas doing all the company stuff - corporate identity, brochures, logo and letterhead design and once I returned to Australia and got involved in licensing it was mainly packaging and publishing. Since forming Nicky Woop in 2002 I diversified into more three-dimensional and product design as well as character and concept design becoming very much an all-rounder who can find a solution to just about any design requirement. It keeps the job interesting and a constant challenge which is why it feels more like a hobby rather than work.