Nickywoop Home
Initially they started life as cute little critters with arms and legs but it turned out they actually don’t need arms as I envisaged their long hair acting with a life of it’s own, able to “handle” anything. And so on that basis they evolved. The packaging became more sophisticated; the designs more flamboyant; the graphics more streamlined and the possibilities endless. They spawned Shnookies, Shnook-a-bubs, and Big versions. Stories had to be written and illustrated and a whole world created to accommodate the ever growing flood of ideas that these guys produced and as they expanded overseas it was necessary to design and produce a style guide to ensure continuity.
A large part of my time over the past few years has been dedicated to getting these characters off the ground. Happily these fuzzy little guys have come to fruition which as an artist is very rewarding. I have had other ideas but as an example of developing a concept into a successful product I don’t have anything better so choose to showcase it here to illustrate how I could do it for you. Bizarrely I’ve been prevented from naming these characters on this site but if you like what you see and would like to see more similar imagery visit which is a great showcase for my artwork and creations.